We are the first company that establishes MDF, MDF LAM and Parquetlam plant in Turkey.

Paper Impregnation

Impregnation Facility

Nowadays, furniture and interior materials are composed of MDF and chipboard coated with impregnated paper material. Manufacturers of wood-based panels (mdf, chipboard ...) with high production capacities are to establish their own impregnation facilities in frame of  integration processes. Purpose of this is to reduce costs by meeting their own impregnated paper needs themselves and to produce independently from the external supplier's.

ÇAMSAN A.Ş.  has two coating presses and obtains its impregnated paper requirement from its impregnation plant. Overlay (Protective paper), Balance paper and Decor paper impregnation process which is needed for parquet produced also performed at Çamsan A.Ş. facilities.

Decorative, protective, balancing papers varying in unit weight between 70-150 gr/m2 supplied as raw paper from abroad are attached to twin tumblers at process entrance. A total of nine LNG-fed drying ovens are available. Melamine Formaldehyde and urea are packed in desired sizes in the packing station, passing through paper drying ovens impregnated with formaldehyde and chemical additives.

The brightness level is determined by the surface of the press plate. The most widely used plates are achieved with HS 18 with 60-65% brightness level.

Impregnated papers are often used in short cycle presses. The impregnated paper hardens under temperature and pressure.

Storage Time: Unopened packages at 20 ° C at 40-50% humidity can be stored for 3 months

Coating units

ÇAMSAN ENTEGRE AĞAÇ SANAYİ ve TİCARET A.Ş.  is the first manufacturer of wood based medium density fiberboard MDF in Turkey and is an enterprise that is well known and respected in both Europe and the Middle East  with its production capacity and quality. ÇAMSAN ENTEGRE AĞAÇ SANAYİ ve TİCARET A.Ş. Put its first coating facility into service at 1993 in order to expand its product range.

Major Technical Data

Pressing Areas: 2100 x 2440 mm
2100 x 2800 mm
2100 x 3660 mm
Thickness of manufactured plates: 6-18 mm
Mechanical Capacity : 300 plate/hour
Specific Pressure : 40 kg/cm2
Mechanical capacity in thin plates : 200 plate/hour
Mechanical Capacity in Parquet production : 300 plate/hour

Following materials are suitable fot process in Pressing unit:

Weight of raw decor paper impregnated with melamine resin  60 gr/m2 or more
Overlay raw paper weight 30 gr/m2 or more
Balance raw paper weight 100 gr/m2 or more