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What is MDF?
MDF is a product that is obtained by pressing of the fibers obtained from wood or other lignocellulosic raw materials under temperature and pressure after drying to a certain degree of moisture with the addition of synthetic adhesive.


The uniform distribution of the fibers at every point of the MDF and the extremely dense presence allows both sides of the sheet to be processed as well as the edges to be machined without any breakage with the machine or without gaps between the material particles. The MDF can be used successfully in producing such items as table tops, door panels, drawer edges with expensive or profiled sides. With a very smooth and homogeneous surface, MDF is a very good base for dyeing, decorative foil, PVC or wood coating.

The smoothness, operatibility by machines and robustness of the MDF make it possible of its usage as an alternative for solid wood in applications such as drawer sides, mirror frames and moldings.

How MDF is produced?
For the production of MDF, the chips obtained from hard and soft woods are subjected to steaming and converted to wood fibers by passing through a defibrillator. These fibers are then dried and binder materials such as glue, paraffin and hardener are added. The blended fibers of binder materials are then subjected to paving. During the subsequent pre-pressing process, the fiber layers are compressed to a thickness of about half, the edges are shaved, smoothed and sized.

Technical Properties of MDF

In the following hot pressing phase, the fibers and binder materials under high temperature and high pressure are fully welded and formed into sheets of desired thickness. The final stage of production is the cooling of the hot plasterboards and grinding to give a perfect surface. High-grade fiberboard MDF is now ready for use in all types of production.

Types of MDF
According to use MDF can be classified into: Thin MDF (1,8-3 mm thick), thick MDF, moisture resistant, outdoor, fire resistant MDF's and MDF used in furniture construction.

According to their specific gravity: light fiber sheets (soft), medium hard fiber sheets and hard fiber sheets

Properties of MDF
MDF is actually a plate product in which the superior properties of the hardboard and the chipboard are combined. Its physical and mechanical properties allow it to be used as an alternative to massive wood.

Due to the high and smoothness of the surface density, liquid surface treatments such as all kinds of lacquer, paint and varnish can be applied to the plate surfaces.

The surfaces of MDF sheets can be coated with any kind of laminate, resin impregnated paper, foil and wood coating.

The edges of the MDF are extremely smooth and tight and can be opened without any glued laths and all kinds of profiles can be applied.

Another outstanding feature of MDF is high bending strength, modulus of elasticity, high screw and nail holding force